PARIS, France — EUROPEAN MICROWAVE WEEK — Diamond Microwave, a specialist in high performance microwave power amplifiers, has announced a ten-fold increase in its power output capability with the addition of a 1kW X-band model to the company’s range of GaN-based pulsed solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA).

The DMX1K001 is an ultra-compact SSPA operating over a 1200MHz bandwidth centred at 9.5GHz. The ultra-compact design measures only 244 x 134 x 50mm excluding heatsink and connectors, making it ideally suited for use as an alternative to a travelling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) in various radar applications.

“Like all our GaN SSPAs, these amplifiers are extremely compact, employing a chip-and-wire microwave design,” said Ian Davis, business development manager at Diamond Microwave. “This state-of-the art performance is combined with a power-to-volume ratio we believe to be among the highest in the industry for such products. Similar designs can be tailored to suit other frequency ranges in the 1-18GHz range.”

The Diamond Microwave amplifier range features designs that are flexible in layout and architecture, and are fully customisable to meet individual specifications for electrical, mechanical and environmental parameters. All of Diamond Microwave’s amplifiers are ideal for use in demanding defence, aerospace and communications applications.

A datasheet for the new amplifier is now available on the Diamond Microwave website at See Diamond Microwave on Stand 250 at European Microwave Week.

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