Diamond Microwave 400W X-Band GaN SSPA

World Class Microwave Power for Aerospace Systems

Microwave Power for Aerospace Systems

Diamond Microwave 400W X-Band SSPA

Founded in 2007, Diamond Microwave Devices Ltd (DMD) is working at the leading edge of high-power solid-state amplifier R&D, specialising in customised power amplifier technology for Aerospace Systems.

Our design and development heritage is proven through a range of high-power, high performance amplifier products currently in service with customers world-wide.

Our chip & wire GaN technology is particularly suited to demanding high reliability radar and communications applications.

DMD’s high-power GaN amplifier products and technologies are licensed to Diamond Microwave Limited (DML) for further development, manufacture and supply.

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Diamond Transistor Technology

DMD has substantial legacy experience in the development of boron-doped CVD diamond as a semiconductor and holds several patents related to diamond transistor structures.