Compact microwave power

X-band Pulsed GaN "Slimline" High Power Amplifier (HPA)

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  • Compact pulsed X-band GaN SSPA
  • 200W min (+53dBm) peak pulsed power
  • 1300MHz Bandwidth
  • Built-in phase control to optimise power combining

The Diamond Microwave 200Watt GaN high-power amplifier (HPA) is based on the flagship 400W HPA model DM-X400-02. The HPA is a compact alternative to vacuum tube amplifiers (TWT) and offers typically >200W over a 1600MHz bandwidth and pulse widths up to 100µs with duty cycles up to 15%.

An internal electronically adjusted phase offset can be applied to optimise power combining with alternative combiners.

This extremely compact SSPA is ideal for use in demanding defence, aerospace and communications applications. The design is flexible in layout and architecture and can be tailored to meet individual specifications.

Specification is subject to change without notice.

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