Compact Microwave Power

Diamond Microwave specialises in compact, GaN-based solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) customised for use in demanding high-reliability defence and communications applications. Our amplifiers offer state-of-the-art power performance coupled with a power-to-volume ratio which we believe to be amongst the highest in the industry for such products. Our compact pulsed amplifiers are similar in size to a smartphone and achieve pulsed power output levels of up to 150W in narrowband X- and Ku-band designs, with the potential for pulsed outputs up to 1kW and multi-octave bandwidths. These amplifiers offer a credible alternative to TWT amplifiers, with low cost of ownership.

Diamond Microwave also has substantial experience in the development of diamond as a semiconductor and holds several patents related to diamond transistor structures. The company continues to carry out research into diamond as a future power transistor technology.

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Latest news

4 June 2014
Diamond Microwave launches ultra-compact 2 – 6GHz GaN SSPA
Broadband solid-state amplifier offers up to 100W peak pulsed power and 50W average power

25 July 2013
Diamond Microwave launches compact high power GaN SSPAs
X-Band and Ku-Band amplifiers set new standard in power-to-volume ratio

28 May 2013
Diamond Microwave at IEEE International Microwave Symposium
Diamond Microwave has announced that it will exhibit for the first time at next week’s International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Seattle, USA.

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